Companies supplying products and services to the NHS today can only be successful if they can provide effective and economically viable benefits to patient health. They need to work in partnership with providers in the Health and Social Care system to deliver solutions to a complex range of health problems seen in an ageing and diverse population.

Beacon Consulting is the trading name of Meditrends Limited, a specialist healthcare consultancy. We help our clients engage with health care providers to deliver improvements to patients' health and well-being that are safe, effective and affordable.

We focus on using NHS secondary data sources such as Hospital Episode Statistics (HES), QoF and GP prescribing data to add insight to challenges our clients face in:

  • Estimating current and future levels of demand for health services
  • Modelling patient flows through the health care system
  • Describing variation in treatment practice
  • Understanding patient demographics
  • Developing robust epidemiological models
  • Assessing the economic impact of new technologies on healthcare resource usage and costs

We also use clients' internal data, primary market research and proprietary data sources to make sure that our results are robust and take advantage of all perspectives on the problem.

We hold a large set of pseudonymised, non-sensitive historical HES data, provided by the Health and Social care Information Centre (HSCIC). are are able to use this data to:

  • Rapidly assess project feasibility
  • Start data extraction and analysis as soon as a project's scope is agreed
  • Deliver results that are aggregated to a level that removes the possibility of any individual being accidentally identified whilst retaining the granularity required to provide actionable insights.

HES data is handled in accordance with fair processing principles, and in line with HSCIC governance guidelines. For more information about the data we hold and how it is processed, see our data protection act registration

We have worked with many leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies across a broad range of therapy areas

 To learn more about our approach and past projects, see "what we do"