We believe that understanding the wider business context is critical to ensuring projects deliver maximum value. Our experience gives us an important insight into the issues involved when working in an environment, where cost pressures are increasing, and there is consequently a need to make a strong economic case for introducing new technologies.


We help our clients to precisely formulate the questions that need to be answered. By paying special attention to this, we ensure that, when it comes to delivery, the results are immediately actionable.


Before undertaking a potentially costly programme of research and application development, it is often possible to carry out a rapid feasibility assessment. This ensures that clients' expectations are fully met.


We have invested in powerful data mining tools to draw out the information that clients' need to gain critical insights to drive strategy. 


Generally our solutions are delivered as Excel-based applications, eliminating the need for licensing and integrating new software packages into an existing IT infrastructure. Equally importantly, clients are able to work with our solutions immediately, without the need for costly and time-consuming training.