Our client, a major European pharma company, was preparing to launch a 'first in class' therapy for late stage peripheral arterial disease. Their issue was to identify and quantify a patient population with greatest potential to benefit from their product.

The company also needed to understand the overall potential demand for the product in the UK and understand the current time frames for diagnosis and treatment in the NHS. Existing UK prevalence data was limited and didn't use the internationally recognised staging systems for this disease.

Beacon worked with client medics, to select patients with diagnosis and procedure codes for the target disease. Beacon Consulting analysed the anonymised patient hospital records, quantifying patient flows through the NHS at all disease stages and examining the impact of co-morbidities on patient outcomes.


This project quantifed a significant patient sub-group with a high risk of progressing to eventual amputation who were readily identifiable by HCPs.  Our work also enabled our client to develop a launch plan that focussed on helping HCPs identify and intervene with these patients as their disease progressed.