A specialty pharmaceutical company was marketing a product for an uncommon blood
disorder.  The product was important to patients, but was difficult to manufacture. 
Its sales warranted only a small number of field-based staff.

They asked Beacon to help them find a better way to plan the supply of the product and
 help the specialist team to support it.

We examined the hospital history of the relevant patient cohort and identified a "baseline"
group of chronic sufferers who accounted for 80% of product use.  We were able to identify the hospitals that treated this group of patients.  Acute sufferers presented sporadically across all NHS Hospitals with no discernible pattern.



Our client was able to use this insight to plan a continuous product flow to hospitals
with "baseline" patients, whilst holding a buffer stock that could be dispatched quickly to hospitals admitting acute patients.  They were also able to ensure that hospitals with "baseline" patients understood how and when their product should be used.