The new product planning team at a major pharmaceutical company was managing market
preparation for a broad pipeline of oncology products.  These products were between one and five years from launch and had potential indications across 14 tumour types.

Beacon was asked to develop a tool that would consolidate hospital data about these
tumours in a way that would enable the planning team to use them to deal
flexibly with a variety of internal and external stakeholders.

We extracted the hospital records over the last five years for patients diagnosed with all
relevant tumours and developed a Access tool that enabled the team to perform
their own queries on patient demographics, treatment patterns and healthcare
resource usage.  The tool was geographically granular to a PCT level.


The client and regulatory team was able to use this tool to discuss HTA prioritisation with NICE and field speciailists were able to engage with local providers to discuss the potential budget impact of adopting the new treatment technologies in a transparent way using locally relevant, real world data.